are your kids tired and irritated, yet have a hard time falling and staying asleep?

it could be caused by the increased exposure of blue light


  • Visible blue wavelengths surround us in all environments.  Our fluorescent light bulbs, television screens, computers, cellphones, tablets and all other smart devices emit short blue wavelengths.
  • Our eyes have a very poor defense against this harmful blue light, almost all of the blue light we are exposed to passes through the entire eye.
  • Early research shows that the exposure of blue light may cause changes in the ocular tissues that resemble macular degeneration and may lead to permanent vision loss.
  • Digital eye strain, visual fatigue, and dry, irritated eyes caused after extended periods of use can decrease productivity and concentration 
  • Blue light sends signals to the brain that disrupt our natural sleeping pattern, making us believe it is daytime all day. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

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