about us

happyeyes started in late 2018 when two eye doctors noticed the lack of cute, quality frames that also provided premium blue light blocking technology for children.

Specializing in pediatric optometry, we noticed the increasing complaints of eye pain and headaches from kids, and their parents seeing that there was also decreased productivity and poor concentration.  

As eyecare providers, we wrote prescriptions when needed and vision insurance would help cover the cost of frames and lenses, but not all of our patients needed an insurance qualifying prescription.  Some children only needed the blue blocking technology that non-prescription lenses could provide.

This put parents in a difficult position, without a qualifying minimum prescription, vision insurance would not help cover the cost of the glasses. From here the parents had the option of paying an average of $300 for the glasses and lenses, or they could go online and find poor quality frames with generic colorful schemes that not all kids would be keen on wearing, nor were aesthetically pleasing.

That was when happyeyes was born.  With happyeyes, parents will be able to purchase glasses for their children who do not need a prescription, but still require the blue blocking technology.  happyeyes offers multiple high quality, high fashion frames with blue blocking, anti-glare lenses without prescription for children to use in front of screens and in the classroom.